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DeltaNex® Cravats

Smart and fashionable protection in a variety of patterns

The DeltaNex Cravat allows the wearer to have the benefit of the Buchanan DeltaNex protector and the confidence of smart relaxing neckwear.

Wear your DeltaNex® Protector for added confidence!

Carefully chosen fabrics — either cotton or a mixture of cotton/polyester - allowing free transmission of air through the fabric — makes wearing the cravat a pleasure in any social setting. Attractive patterns, which from time to time may vary, provide a wide choice for both men and women.

DeltaNex Cravat LANEC5001



DeltaNex Cravat LANEC5002



DeltaNex Cravat LANEC5003



DeltaNex Cravat LANEC5004



DeltaNex Cravat LANEC5005



DeltaNex Cravat LANEC5006




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Ordering Information
Order Number Description
LANEC5001 DeltaNex Cravat — Steel Grey
LANEC5002 DeltaNex Cravat — Plum
LANEC5003 DeltaNex Cravat — Navy Blue
LANEC5004 DeltaNex Cravat — Royal Blue
LANEC5005 DeltaNex Cravat — Black
LANEC5006 DeltaNex Cravat — Nutmeg