Tracoe Twist

Laryngectomy Tubes

Ideal for introduction on the Ward and ENT Clinic

Kapitex are pleased to announce the introduction of our own brand of Laryngectomy Tubes. As you would expect from Kapitex, we offer major features and benefits:

The Benefits

  • Produced from medical grade silicone.
  • Soft yet supportive for the stoma and the trachea.
  • Smooth rounded edges — for extra comfort and safety.
  • The Kapitex Laryngectomy Tube can be fenestrated for voice prosthesis users.
  • Comprehensive diameters and lengths available to give you the best choice.
  • Competitively priced.
  • Supplied individually wrapped, clean with twill tape.
  • Single patient use product.
  • CE marked.

To purchase these products or for more details, please contact our Customer Services team on 01937 580211.

Ordering Information
Tube Length ID 8mm OD 10.5mm ID 10.5mm OD 12.5mm ID 12.5mm OD 14.5mm ID 14.5mm OD 16.5mm
20mm TR VNT 0820 TR VNT 1020 TR VNT 1220 TR VNT 1420
30mm TR VNT 0830 TR VNT 1030 TR VNT 1230 TR VNT 1430
40mm TR VNT 0840 TR VNT 1040 TR VNT 1240 TR VNT 1440
50mm TR VNT 0850 TR VNT 1050 TR VNT 1250 TR VNT 1450
60mm TR VNT 0860 TR VNT 1060 TR VNT 1260 TR VNT 1460