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Kapitex Stoma Studs

Kapitex Stoma Stud

Available in four sizes, Kapitex Stoma Studs are simple devices to help keep the stoma open. They provide the right balance between comfort and flexibility and give the necessary support to the stoma opening.

  • Simple and effective.
  • Supplied in four sizes
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Single patient use

Stoma Studs are produced from radio opaque medical grade silicone. Carefully designed, offering no sharp or rigid edges and comfortable to wear, the rounded, moulded edges ensure that the stud is easily placed into the stoma without discomfort.

A hole has been made in the outer flange to allow a thread to be attached and pinned to clothing, to prevent ingestion and loss if expelled through coughing.

Ordering Information
Code Size I.D. (mm) Length (mm) O.D (mm)
TRSST0001 8 8 17.8 10.5
TRSST0002 10 10 17.8 12.5
TRSST0003 12 12 17.8 14.5
TRSST0004 14 14 17.8 16.5