Useful Links

The National Association of Laryngectomee Clubs

NALC has almost 100 clubs nationwide and offers a range of services to Laryngectomees and their families and carers. A major role of the clubs is to provide the sort of non-medical help and information that can only come from the experience of living with a laryngectomy.

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Cancer Laryngectomy Trust

The Cancer Laryngectomee Trust was formed in 1985 by a laryngectomee, Sydney Norgate, to help provide support and understanding for people who are about to have, or have had, a laryngectomy.

Visit: Cancer Laryngectomee Trust

Web Whispers

Web Whispers was started in 1996 for those who had questions about larynx cancer treatments, surgery, recovery, and what life is like after laryngectomy surgery.

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BAHNON exists to facilitate networking between nurses working within the field of head and neck cancer, in order to share ideas and promote good practice.


International Association of Laryngectomees (IAL)

The IAL is a non-profit voluntary organization composed of approximately 250 member clubs and recognized regional organizations. These clubs are generally known as “Lost Chord” or ” New Voice” clubs. Clubs are composed of from 10 to more than 300 Laryngectomees.

Visit: International Association of Laryngectomees

MacMillan Cancer Support

MacMillan cancer support provide practical, medical and financial support and push for better cancer care.

Visit: MacMillan Cancer Support

“2020 Voice” Cancer

“20-20 Voice” Cancer strives for the relief of sickness and the promotion of health amongst cancer sufferers and their families in particular but not exclusively by:

  • Providing information, guidance and support to Laryngectomees, their families, the medical fraternity and the wider community on cancers of the head and neck
  • Providing or assisting in the provision of specialist equipment to hospitals.

Visit: “2020 Voice” Cancer