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Maroon Spoons

Ideal for feeding therapy

Adults and children with feeding problems such as poor lip closure, tongue, throat and oral hypersensitivity, will find it easier to use the Maroon Spoons.

Key Benefits

  • No sharp edges and produced from polycarbonate
  • Shatter-proof (not suitable for severe bite reflex)
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Available in 2 sizes in packs of 20
  • CE marked Medical Device 93/42/EEC


These sturdy spoons have shallow, narrow bowls. The design of the spoons makes it easier to get foodstuffs off the spoon - compared with traditional spoons.

For hygiene reasons we recommend that Maroon Spoons be cleaned after use.

Dimensions - Small Spoon

  • Bowl Dimensions, widest point: 25mm
  • Bowl Length: 35mm
  • Length of spoon: 145mm

Dimensions - Large Spoon

  • Bowl Dimensions, widest point: 31mm
  • Bowl Length: 40mm
  • Length of spoon: 150mm

Buy online Maroon Spoons Small (pack of 20)
Order Code
OS FSA 4901

Buy online Maroon Spoons Large (pack of 20)
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OS FSA 4902

Ordering Information
Code Description Capacity
OS FSA 4901 Small Pack of 20
OS FSA 4902 Large Pack of 20