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Provale Cup

Accurate, fixed delivery every time

The Provale Cup delivers a set amount of fluid each time the cup is tipped. This important feature ensures a controlled delivery.

Key Features

  • Accurate, fixed delivery amount of 5cc and 10cc (depending on style) with each drinking motion edges and lightweight
  • Available with solid or clear base, blue lid (5cc) and brown lid (10cc)
  • The clear base allows carer to see how much fluid has been delivered
  • Patented mechanism prevents over-delivery of fluid
  • Good nose clearance minimises head tilt


The Provale Cup has been designed with the assistance of interviews and feedback from over 500 speech-language therapists and occupational therapists.

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Ordering Information
Code Size Description Colour Pack Size
OS PDC 0502 n/a 5cc Blue / Clear Pack of 1
OS PDC 1002 n/a 10cc Brown / Clear Pack of 1