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Sure Grip Mug

Safer swallowing... every time

Ergonomically designed, easy to hold, even in small or weak hands. With Sure Grip mugs the user has complete control over the flow of liquid.

Key Features

  • A valve in the lid prevents leakage if tipped over
  • Flow control achieved by sucking on spout
  • Carers and users can control flow of liquid
  • Easy to hold - even with weak hands
  • Suitable for warm and cold liquids
  • Choice of bright colours - to attract the attention of those with dementia
  • Otional straw holder attachment for the mug rim
  • Dishwasher, microwave and freezer safe
  • CE marked Medical Device 93/42/EEC

Sure Grip mug lids are available with small aperture (most common), large aperture (for thickened liquids) and heat sensitive lid (changes colour if liquid too hot). Carers and users can control the flow of liquid by depressing the centre of the lid. An optional straw holder attachment holds the straw in place on the mug rim

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Available in a choice of 4 colours Lids sold separately
Straw clips sold separately

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As well as a specially designed drinking lid, straw clips allow the secure attachment of a drinking straw (not supplied) to the mug

Thermo lid


Thermo Lid, small aperture, indicates safe drinking temperature changing colour at 37°C — 38°C.

Specially designed drinking lids come with small or large aperture

Ordering Information
Reference Description Colour
OSFSA5201 Sure Grip Mug Clear
OSFSA5202 Sure Grip Mug Blue
OSFSA5203 Sure Grip Mug Yellow
OSFSA5204 Sure Grip Mug Red
OSFSA5205 Suregrip Lid – Small Hole and Valve
OSFSA5206 Suregrip Lid – Largel Hole and Valve
OSFSA5207 Suregrip Thermo Lid - Small Hole and Valve
OSFSA5208 Suregrip Straw Clips (pack of 2)