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Kapitex is very pleased to announce its distribution partnership with Ampcare.

Ampcare’s Effective Swallowing Protocol (ESP™) is a new treatment that combines electrical stimulation with specially selected resistance exercises to help rehabilitate swallow function to help patients swallow safely. The Speech and Language Therapy (SLT) team in Sheffield Teaching Hospitals (STH) NHS Foundation Trust were interested in evaluating this new treatment approach to see whether it might be helpful to patients in the UK via adoption by the NHS. Funding was secured in order to undertake a pilot study comparing Ampcare’s ESP against usual dysphagia treatment for 30 stroke patients.

At follow up, one month after the end of treatment, 100% of the Ampcare ESP patients reported improved swallow-related quality of life (i.e. SWAL-QOL Survey), compared to 42% of the patients who had received usual dysphagia care.

As a result of the evidence from the pilot trial, SLT professionals were keen to have Ampcare ESP as a treatment option. Following training days in October 2016 and July 2017 we are pleased to announce that the technology is now launched in the UK, and is being made available across ten NHS Trusts. STH will continue to monitor patient outcomes as the technology is adopted more widely, and they have secured funding to appoint an SLT to support this. Patients who received the new treatment were very positive about it stating:

“I feel better at swallowing – no problems swallowing at all now.”
“I thought the treatment was very good and I would recommend it to anybody.”
Part Number Ampcare Code Product Description
OSAMP0001 50706LT ESP™ Kit (Ampcare ES™, 10 pkg Large – Adult E Series electrodes, RPD)
OSAMP0002 50706ST ESP™ Kit (Ampcare ES™, 10 pkg Small – Youth E Series electrodes, RPD)
OSAMP0003 50707 RPD (Restorative Posture Device)
OSAMP0004 50708 RPD Replacement Pads
OSAMP0005 50709LT E Series Adult Large Electrodes 1.5” x 1.75” (4/pkg) – 10 packages
OSAMP0006 50709ST E Series Youth Small Electrodes 1.0” x 1.25” (4/pkg) – 10 packages
OSAMP0007 50710LT Ampcare ES™ (NMES unit + 10 packages Adult Large E Series Electrodes)
OSAMP0008 50710ST Ampcare ES™ (NMES unit + 10 packages Youth Small E Series Electrodes)
OSAMP0010 50712 Replacement Lead Wire Set (2) for Ampcare ES™
OSAMP0001T   ESP Kit OSAMP0001 including Online Training Course 8 Hours
OSAMP0002T   ESP Kit OSAMP0002 including Online Training Course 8 Hours
OSAMP0011   ONLINE Training Course 8 Hours.

For more detailed information please visit the Ampcare website.