Montgomery® Laryngeal Stent

Montgomery Laryngeal Stent

The Montgomery® Laryngeal Stent is a moulded silicone prosthesis designed to conform to the normal endolaryngeal surface. The stent is constructed of radio-opaque implant grade silicone that is firm enough to support the endolarynx postoperatively, yet is soft and flexible enough to ensure a conforming fit while minimising injury to soft tissues.


The stent may be utilised as a direct support for intralaryngeal mucosal or dermal graphs to denuded areas of the endolarynx. Each Montgomery® Laryngeal Stent includes two silicone suture buttons to support the stent externally.

Indications for use

For the prevention and treatment of laryngeal stenosis when the glottic stenosis involves the midglottis, posterior glottis, supraglottis, and subglottis, singularly or in combination.


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  • Sterile
  • 1 stent, 2 suture buttons


  • Implant grade silicone
  • Non-adherent smooth surface
  • Integral removal loop
  • Radio-opaque material
Ordering Information

Dimensions, Product Codes & Accessories

Order Number Description Dimensions A (mm) Dimensions B (mm) Dimensions C (mm)
OS LST 0001 Child 33 10 9
OS LST 0003 Small Adult 37 11 10
OS LST 0004 Medium Adult 40 12 10
OS LST 0005 Large Adult 47 15 16
OS LST 0002 Stent Buttons (pair) 14 72 26