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Leufen Guide Wire

The 0.035 inch single use guide wire is used to complement the delivery systems of the aerstents® product line


For the distinction of the right and left main bronchus during the procedure, the guide wires are colorcoded. The high guiding stability is achieved by an inner core made of a Nitinol monofilament. The distal wire tip is formed as a flexible, atraumatic coil, which is characterized by an excellent radiopacity. The 0.035 inch guide wire is preloaded into a spiral dispenser. The lubricity of the guide wire can be further significantly improved when the dispenser is flushed with sterile saline solution and thus covering the guide wire completely with liquid.

  • Kink and guiding stability by Nitinol core
  • Very good gliding properties of PTFE-coating
  • Highly flexible, radiopaque tip
  • Individually sealed in a sterile peel-pack
  • Supplied in a dispenser with an inserter


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Ordering Information

Leufen Aerstent Guide Wire

Order Number Description
OSGW0001 Guide wire nitinol, colour Black, Length 1800mm — Dia. 0.89mm
OSGW0002 Guide wire nitinol, colour Black/White, Length 1800mm — Dia. 0.89mm