Tracoe Twist

Passy Muir

Tracheostomy and ventilator speaking valves

  • Patented ‘no-leak” closure system
  • Improves oxygenation and swallow
  • Restores positive airway pressure
  • Non protruding speaking valve
  • Interchangeable between tracheostomy and ventilator use
  • Facilitates infection control

Passy-Muir Speaking Valves are the ultimate in tracheostomy speaking valves, providing many clinical benefits due to their unique no-leak design.

The ONLY Speaking Valves indicated for ALL of the following uses:

  • Communication
  • Improves Swallow
  • May Reduce Aspiration
  • Ventilator Application
  • Facilitates Secretion Management
  • Improves Oxygenation
  • Improves Olfaction
  • Expedites Weaning and Decannulation
  • Restores Positive Airway Pressure
  • Interchangeability Between Tracheostomy and Ventilator Use
  • Facilitates Infection Control

We offer several types of Passy-Muir Valve to enable the medical team to offer the best suitable solution for the individual.

We have available for further reading and reference, an excellent Passy-Muir clinical pack which we recommend members of the Healthcare team to read. This comprehensive guide clearly highlights the benefits of the valves and illustrates many aspects of the management of tracheostomised patients (Adult as well as Paediatric).

Passy-Muir Features

Positive Closure – a patented closed position “No Leak” design

The “No Leak” design of the Passy-Muir Valves (PMVs) means that the valve is always in a closed position until the patient inhales. The valve opens easily with less than normal inspiratory pressures and closes automatically at the end of the inspiratory cycle without air leak and without patient expiratory effort.

Closed System

Unlike open position speaking valves, the closed position of the PMV allows the patient to create a positive airway pressure and restores the patient to a more normal “closed respiratory system.” The “closed system” also creates a protective column of air in the tracheostomy tube which resists secretions from moving up the tube and occluding the valve. Instead, secretions may be coughed up around the tube and expectorated or suctioned from the mouth.

All Passy-Muir Valves (PMV)

Have a closed position “No Leak” design that restores a closed respiratory system.

PMV Closed Position “No Leak” Design

Maintains a column of air in the tracheostomy tube and redirects airflow and secretions up the trachea.

All Other Speaking Valves

Have an open position design that causes air leakage during exhalation.