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Trachi-Dress F

The Trachi-Dress® range now includes an advanced polyurethane foam, incorporating a perforated soft PU skin contact layer and improved ‘peelability’. This PU layer adds a new dimension to tracheostomy care.

Key design features:

  • A non-stick polyurethane film contact layer, which is non-adherent and permeable to fluid. This helps to keep underlying skin dry and provides minimum adhesion to the stoma site, which increases patient comfort and minimalises pain at dressing change.
  • High performing absorbent centre layer composed of Polyurethane Foam. This draws secretions away from the skin through a capillary action.
  • A semi-permeable Polyurethane Net-Film backing layer. This provides an effective seal which retains absorbed secretions from the Tracheostoma within the dressing whilst permitting the passage of air and water vapour to/from the underlying skin.
  • The Polyurethane Net layer gives additional stability to the shape of the dressing when saturated, by preventing it from curling up around the edges, away from the skin.


Trachi-Dress F sterile tracheostomy dressing is designed to help protect the skin surrounding a Tracheostoma against abrasion (which can lead to irritation and/or infection of the skin) by:

  • absorbing secretions from the Tracheostoma; and
  • acting as a mechanical barrier between the skin surrounding the Tracheostoma and the neckplate and flanges of the tracheostomy tube.
Ordering Information
Code Description Capacity
TRDRF0001 Trachi-Dress® F Tracheostomy Dressing - Foam SMALL 10
TRDRF0002 Trachi-Dress® F Tracheostomy Dressing - Foam LARGE 10