Tracoe Twist

Trachi-Dress F

High performance polyurethane foam dressing

The foam tracheostomy / cannula dressing delivering high performance in absorption and retention of secretions — optimising the healing environment.

Key Benefits

  • Quicker absorption speed
  • Balanced moisture vapour transmission rate
  • Better retention
  • High peel factor to prevent adhesion

The Trachi-Dress® F — Tracheostomy / Cannula Dressing has been specifically formulated as a dressing, with specific characteristics to encourage an optimal healing environment.

Although Trachi-Dress® F is aimed at the tracheostoma site and the neck region, its construction and performance lends itself to the following areas:

  • Acute wound (donor site)
  • Pressure ulcers
  • Skin flaps
  • Dry wounds
  • Meshed grafts and bio-engineered tissue
  • Chronic wounds
  • Burns to the neck region

What makes Trachi-Dress® F outperform other dressings?

Trachi-Dress® F — has the same construction throughout the dressing. The skin contact layer and the body of the dressing are identical — unlike competitors’ brands

Comparison Chart
Comparison of Absorption and Retention performance of Trachi-Dress® F when compared with leading competitors’ brands

Trachi-Dress F Key Benefits

Quicker absorption speed
It is important that the dressing absorbs secretions quickly. If there is poor absorption and the area around the stoma is too moist it is possible that masceration of tissue would start.

Better retention
Trachi-Dress F Foam — retains within the body of the dressing the secretions / residue far better than gauze or sponge dressings. Low retention would mean a 'leakage' of secretions onto the skin — not helping the healing process as is often the case with sponge style dressings. Trachi-Dress F - due to its pore size construction - retains and absorbs well to encourage a better healing environment.

High Density Construction
Absorption and retention are key factors of a successful tracheostomy dressing — due to its high density and the vast number of pores — the Trachi-Dress F dressings ability to absorb and retain is much enhanced — when compared with other dressings.

  • Trachi-Dress F is constructed from high density polyurethane foam. The key difference between Trachi-Dress F and key competitors is the pore size of the material.
  • Research has shown that pore size of the skin contact layer as well as the body of the dressing is key to providing a successful healing environment.

A good foam wound dressing should not stick to the wound surface when it is changed daily. Due to its surface wound contact layer, Trachi-Dress F has a higher peel factor to help reduce adhesion to the skin, thereby making it less painful or damaging upon removal.

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Trachi-Dress F

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