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Negus Silver Tracheostomy Tubes

************ IMPORTANT CUSTOMER NOTICE ***********

STERIS Instrument Management Services, the manufacturer of Silver Negus tracheostomy tubes has informed us that for commercial reasons it has decided to discontinue sales of this product with immediate effect. 

A repair service for reusable Silver Negus tracheostomy tubes will continue to be supported and will be available through Kapitex, until the 30th June 2020.

Kapitex holds a small quantity of stock, which will be sold until supply is diminished. Please find list of available part numbers below.

Please contact for more information.

Key Benefits

  • Highest quality solid sterling silver
  • Thin walls allow maximum airflow
  • Economical long term use
  • Non protruding speaking valve
  • Supplied with small and rounded introducer for comfort



To purchase these products or for more details, please contact our Customer Services team on 01937 580211.


The standard British silver tracheostomy tube. Made from 100% sterling silver, these Silver Negus tubes are supplied with outer cannula, inner cannula with speaking valve, spare inner cannula and introducer.

Silver tubes are often seen as an economical long term tube and has the benefit of allowing maximum airflow into the airway due to its ultra thin walls.

The main model of tube supplied is the Negus style – this comprises a built in speaking valve.

Kapitex only sources from the key silver tube manufacturer in the UK. ALL components are suitable for medical applications and are to British Standards. Please note: The silver tubes are produced from sterling silver. Quality is paramount - we do not supply silver plated or nonsilver metal tubes.

The Negus Silver tube set comprises of the following:

  • Outer tube with neck flange
  • Inner tube with speaking valve incorporated
  • A spare non-valved inner cannula

Design features

1)  The introducer is small and rounded to ensure a comfortable introduction of the tube into the tracheostoma.

2)  The neck flange is designed to ensure that movement of the neck is comfortable – without the tube ‘digging’ in.

3)  The speaking valve is situated in the inner cannula housing, this enables the tube to lie flat against the neck. The benefit is there is no protrusion of the speaking valve – unlike some systems which have speaking valves sticking out on the tube adaptor.

4)  One of the key benefits of a silver tube is the thin wall thickness (within the overall diameter). Allowing maximum airflow into the airway, unlike some thicker plastic or silicone tubes.

5)  Silver tubes are often seen as an economical long term tube.

6)  A customised service from Kapitex is available on application.

Ordering Information
Ref Description FG Length(mm) O.D.(mm)
TR KAP 0006 Silver Negus Trach Tube Complete 16 48 5.3
TR KAP 0010 Silver Negus Trach Tube Complete 24 62 8.0
TR KAP 0015 Silver Negus Trach Tube Complete 34 76 11.3
TR KAP 0016 Silver Negus Trach Tube Complete 36 82 12.0
TR KAP 0017 Silver Negus Trach Tube Complete 38 86 12.6
TR KAP 0018 Silver Negus Trach Tube Complete 40 90 13.3