Tracoe Twist

TRACOE® twist plus

Innovative features deliver maximum performance

TRACOE® twist plus is a longer version of the well-proven twist tube featuring:

  • Longer version of the well-proven twist tube
  • Greatly reduced wall thickness maximises respiratory airflow
  • Maximum inner lumen - thin walled but stable inner cannula
  • Less outer diameter with more inner lumen
  • New safety locking device for inner tube
  • Highly improved phonation through double fenestration (Ref 312 and 314)

The unique TRACOE® twist swivelling neckplate

The most outstanding feature of TRACOE® twist and twist plus is the anatomically shaped neck flange that moves around two axes:
Vertically (a) and horizontally (b).
The neck strap can be easily attached while the tube is in situ (c).

The TRACOE® twist plus provides maximum airway flow due to its innovative thinner cannula wall design. This allows the anaesthetist / intensivist to use a larger diameter TRACOE® twist plus compared with standard tubes.

Maximum Mobility

  • TRACOE® twist and twist plus has a unique swivelling neck plate — anatomically shaped, moving around 2 axes i.e moving in a horizontal and vertical direction. This allows the patient to turn his neck freely in all directions in comfort and to reduce pressure problems from movement from the distal end of the tube digging into the tracheal mucosa. The anatomical shaped neck flange ensures a perfect fit onto the neck, providing a major comfort feature.
  • The TRACOE® twist and twist plus tubes are more flexible compared with other styles of plastic tubes — this material is light and flexible and with body temperature becomes even more supple — contributing to outstanding comfort for the patient.
  • The wall thickness of the tube is much thinner than a standard plastic tube. This allows a greater volume of inspired air to enter the tube. Therefore, the clinician can choose a larger diameter of tube for the patients trachea.
  • Positive locking of the inner cannula is achieved by the TRACOE® twist and twist plus inner cannula in the outer tube housing. The arrow on the 15mm connector indicates correct positioning so confidence is provided that the inner cannula is securely in place — particularly important when using with ventilators.

Easier Phonation

  • Highly improved phonation through double fenestration of 312 and 314: multiple fenestration at the outer bend as well as two additional phonation holes at the inner bend.

High Acceptance

TRACOE® twist and twist plus tracheostomy tubes are suitable throughout the ‘life’ of the tracheostomy – from initial theatre use – to long term use in the community – as they feature weaning caps, which fit over the outer housing; to speaking valves, which of course allows communication to take place – a vital motivation for all tracheostomised patients.

Neck flange blue writing
= fenestrated tube


Neck flange green writing
= unfenestrated tube


Safety & Security

  • Each TRACOE® twist tube is supplied with a perforated obturator and a wide adjustable neck strap as well as a tube info card with peel-off stickers on front and back. The neck strap is also available separately.